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The Flight Experience

Get ready to be amazed by one of a kind landmark view and splendid sunrise experience

Your journey begins before the first light of day. We provide shared or private transfers from the hotel to the launch site, a location selected by our pilots each morning based on the day's weather conditions. Upon arrival, tea and coffee are served as well as a light pastry while the crew finishes the final preparations. Once ready, passengers get into the basket and our pilot gives detailed safety instructions. Then, the burners are fire up and you will slowly rise into the sky.

The balloon gently gains elevation and as it rises above , the fantastic Cappadocia scenery comes into view. During the flight, the pilot changes elevation to catch the winds and searchs for favorable winds to direct the balloon in the desired direction. As you pass by the valleys, up-close views of villages, fairy chimneys and astonishing natural sites appear. And when rising high, the panaromic views get even more breathtaking. 

Your pilot will also shares information about the scenes below, acting as a bit of a guide. Our pilots have extensive knowledge of the region, culture, and Cappadocia’s history. Your pilot will also explain how he or she navigates the balloon.

When it's time to land, your pilot will search out a suitable landing zone with a flat terrain to set the balloon on the ground gently. Our crew will be there to help secure the balloon so that guests can disembark before the canopy fully deflates.

Wait! It's not over yet. After landing, a small table and chairs are set up for celebration. Your pilot pops a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne for a toast. This is a ballooning tradition that dates back to the 1800s. A light breakfast is served and each passenger is awarded a flight certificate to make this day more memorable.

Flying season
Due to weather conditions, flights in Cappadocia usually operate all throughout the year, the best period usually from April until December. From time to time in cases of bad weather, flights are canceled at the last minute. In this case, ticket prices are fully refunded or guests can move to another date depending on availability. Flights typically operate at sunrise.


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Göreme Nevşehir

Company Information

Cihangiroğlu Havacılık Balonculuk Reklamcılık Turizm Taşımacılık ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.